A Culture of Charitable Giving

In our over 80 years of business, Tractor Supply has achieved remarkable success, but we have never lost touch with our roots as a mail order catalog business created to serve our customers and their unique needs. Regardless of how many stores we have, we must remain stewards of all of our resources, whether they be natural or financial, so that we may continue to do the right thing for our company, our customers and our communities.

Participating in charitable activities is core to upholding this commitment, whether it be a national sponsorship of the FFA or a pet food drive for a local animal shelter. Our vision of Stewardship inspires us to find more ways to serve our communities and support programs that strengthen them. To ensure we are helping the people we care most about – our customers and team members – we focus our corporate giving on three areas: Agriculture, Community, and Pet & Animal.

In 2018, we gave over $8 million to community organizations through direct giving, sponsorships, fundraisers and more. Each year we strive to do more and increase our giving to support organizations both now and in the future.


Tractor Supply exists to serve the people who live the rural lifestyle, and so it is important to us as a company to support agriculture and farming. We assist similarly-minded organizations that not only support this lifestyle but also the land on which it relies. We can do this through donations and events and through tools and education – particularly with groups like FFA and 4-H. We utilize our resources to protect what we have and teach the next generation to do the same.


Tractor Supply may be a large company, but you might never know it if you walked into your local store. Each TSC location is considered a part of the local community in which it operates. At Tractor Supply, the most popular sayings all begin with “whatever it takes”. Our corporate culture encourages our team members to go above and beyond, to make a real difference with their customers and in their local community. When towns are hit by floods, storms or wildfires, the local Tractor Supply is often the only place open, and so long as it is safe for our team, we will continue to be there to help our customers. Beyond our willingness to serve no matter the circumstances, we also donate gift cards and products to aid those facing natural disasters. And since our team members know their communities best, they are encouraged to identify local events and partnerships, whether it be sponsoring a county fair or local rodeo, or hosting a fundraiser for a local wildlife rescue.

With many veterans amongst our team and our sincere appreciation for the commitment our troops make to protect our nation, Tractor Supply’s involvement with military-based programs and initiatives makes up a significant part of our community category of giving. Each year, we support returning troops, veterans and first responders through a variety of in-store events and discounts. In 2018, we furthered our support of the veteran community by creating an employee resource group for veteran team members and partnering with the Farmer Veteran Coalition to provide grants to veterans in the early stages of their farming operations.

Pet & Animal

The Pet & Animal category is not only an important part of Tractor Supply’s business; it is also an area that is particularly close to our heart and our customers’ hearts. We welcome pets into our stores and regularly host adoptions and drives to support them. A large percentage of our stores are home to PetVet Clinics, providing our customers with a convenient, affordable way to provide preventative wellness care for their animals. We support programs that promote livestock exhibits, shelters, adoptions and horse rescue farms, while working with national organizations such as A Home for Every Horse, Hope in the Saddle and The Livestock Conservancy. We also support organizations through product donations, providing 4health dog food, our exclusive companion pet food brand, to nearly 500 animals through our paws4people® foundation partnership, and in our stores with our annual Out Here with Animals event, which celebrate pets of all kinds and includes a month-long pet supplies drive at stores nationwide.