2018 TSC Stewardship Report
Living Sustainably

A company can operate sustainably, but can it live sustainably? At Tractor Supply, we think so. We are a living, breathing part of the communities in which we operate. We share a lifestyle with our customers and understand our responsibility to protect that lifestyle and the resources on which it relies. We believe that, as an organization, our actions at any level have an enduring impact on our world. Living sustainably begins with our customers and team members and carries through to our leadership. It is woven into the fabric of our company culture.

While we are proud of our reputation as a company that is committed to sustainable values, we are even more gratified by what we have accomplished thus far in our sustainability efforts. Building upon all that we have achieved since launching our Stewardship Program in 2008, we are eager to pursue our future goals and initiatives so that we may continue to increase our positive impact in the years ahead.